En perseguirme, Mundo, que interesas?

En perseguirme, Mundo, que interesas?

Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz

She complains of her lot, suggesting her aversion to vice and justifying 
her resort to the Muses

In hounding me, world, what do you gain? 
In what do I offend you, if I only seek 
To put things of beauty in my understanding 
And not my understanding in things of beauty?

I esteem neither treasures nor riches, 
And thus find more contentment 
Putting riches in my thoughts 
Than in putting my thoughts in riches.  

I prize not comeliness, which, vanquished, 
Becomes the civil spoils of time. 
Nor do perfidious riches agree with me,

Judging it better, in truth, 
To consume the vanities of life 
Than to consume my life in vanities.