Burlador de Sevilla I

  Burlador de Sevilla

Jornada Uno

              The play begins in media res (the action has already started.) We hear Don Juan and Doña Isabela talking in the royal palace in Naples, Italy. Don Juan seduces Doña Isabela by pretending to be her fiancé, Duke Octavio. She calls the royal guard when she realizes his trick. Don Juan's uncle Pedro helps him escape out a balcony. Don Pedro lies to the king of Naples, saying that Doña Isabela told him that her seducer was duke Octavio. The king orders Isabela to be locked in a tower and sends his guards for Octavio.

               While Duke Octavio and his servant Ripio talk about Isabela, don Pedro Tenorio and the royal guards interrupt them. Octavio asks why they have come, and Don Pedro tells him the story of Isabela and claims she identified Octavio as the man involved. Hurt by her betrayal, Octavio vows to leave for Spain.The action shifts now to a fishing village where Tisbea, a fisherwoman, helps rescue Don Juan and his servant, Catalinón, from a shipwreck. Even though she has never felt any passion for the men of her village, she falls in love with don Juan. At the palace in Castilla, King Alfonso XI speaks with Don Gonzalo de Ulloa, who describes his visit to Lisbon. 

               The king arranges a marriage between Don Juan and Doña Ana de Ulloa, the daughter of Don Gonzalo. Back at the fishing village, Don Juan and Catalinón argue about Don Juan´s actions. Catalinón tries to persuade him to change his ways, but Don Juan says he is young and still has a long time before he needs to repent. Don Juan seduces Tisbea. After he leaves, she rages about her fate.