Rima IV

Rhyme IV

Gustavo Adolfo Becquer

Do not say that, exhausted of its treasure, there is
lack of subject matter to silence poetry;
we may not have poets; but there will always be
As long as the kiss ignites the heart with
  waves of light,
as long as the sun dresses the torn clouds
with fire and gold,
as long the air carries perfumes and
harmonies in its lap,
as long there is spring in the world,
  There will be poetry!
As long as science does not discover
  the origins of life,
and in the sea or in the heaven there is an abyss
that cannot be calculated;
as long as the always advancing humanity
does not know where it's heading;
as long as there is a mystery for man,
  There will be poetry!
As long as we feel that the soul rejoices,
  without the lips laughing;
as long as we can cry without the tears
blurring our vision;
as long as the heart and the brain
continue struggling;
as long as there is hope and remembrances,
  There will be poetry!
As long as there are eyes that reflect
  the eyes that look at them,
as long as the lip responds sighing
to the lip that sighs,
as long as two confused souls can
in a kiss feel themselves,
as long as there is a beautiful woman,
  There will be poetry!