Burlador de Sevilla II

Burlador de Sevilla

Jornada Dos

                  Meanwhile in Castilla, Don Diego (Juan’s father) tells the King of Castilla about Juan’s treachery against Isabel. They decide that Isabel and Juan should get married and abandon their plan of Juan marrying Ana. When Octavio arrives, they tell him that he can marry Ana (Don Gonzalo’s daughter). On their way to Castilla, Juan and Catalinón run into the Marqués de la Mota (another person who seduces women). They talked about the women that Mota has seduced and Mota begins talking about a cousin that he is in love with named Ana (Don Gonzalo’s daughter).

                   After saying goodbye, Juan and Catalinón run into Ana’s servant. She gives them a letter that Ana had written to Mota which says that Ana is sad that she is betrothed to another man and wants to express her love for Mota explaining that it would be their only chance. She invites Mota to come to her room at 11:00pm wearing a certain cloak. Juan reads the letter and later tells Mota to arrive at Ana’s room at 12:00am and asks to borrow Mota’s cloak. Juan shows up at Ana’s room at 11:00pm. Later, when Ana realized that Juan is not Mota, she screams saying she has lost her honor. Her father, Gonzalo, runs to her defense and fights Juan. Juan kills Gonzalo. As Gonzalo is dying he swears to haunt Juan. Juan escapes and gives Mota his cloak back right before midnight. Mota is arrested for wearing the suspect’s clothes.

                   The next day, Juan and Catalinón run into a group of people who are about to celebrate a wedding. Juan instantly falls in love with the bride, Aminta, and plans to make her his next victim. The groom, Batricio, is uneasy having Juan at the wedding party.